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What We Will Do For You

Owners - What We Will Do For You


The whole idea of engaging a property manager to look after your property is to make things easy for you


Our focus is to ideally, maximize the return on your investment, while minimizing your risk – both in terms of attracting the right tenants, paying the best rent on the most favourable terms, and in protecting the value of your asset while you own it.


As a property owner customer, you pay us for advice and for our expertise, so what will we do for you?

The Management Agreement
It sounds simple: to join us and have us manage a property on your behalf, we need to have the authority to do so. And, it is simple. The authority comes from the Property Management Agreement, which our Business Development Manager can provide and explain to you fully.
The Authority is one page, and it is written in plain English. A second page contains your specific instructions, and then for those who like the specifics, we give you 5 pages of detail on what you can expect from the relationship.
At times we have more prospective tenants on our books looking for somewhere to rent than we have properties. But, to ensure that we find the best tenant for your property, we will advertise and promote your property for rent. On four major websites, your property will be advertised with quality images and an eye catching description, at the best time of day for optimal exposure, plus 'For Rent' signs used to attract passing traffic.
Finding the right tenant
We completed more than 1500 tenancy agreements in the last year, so we get to see a lot of potential tenants. Unfortunately, the rental industry can attract those who are desperate and those who are dishonest. Whether it is through our reputation or our rental procedures, they tend to avoid our office.
Experience, gut instinct, and thorough reference and identity checking allow us to select the best tenant for your property. We need to trust our recommendations, so we will not unnecessarily charge you to credit check every tenant, but we do have the facility if you would like us to.
Tenancy Documentation
We believe in fixed-term tenancies. We do so because they allow us to control the terms and the timing of tenancies, to plan and to help our clients maximize their return on their investment through less vacancy, and being able to negotiate rents when demand is at the greatest. Some people prefer periodic tenancies. We don’t know why, because you lose that certainty.
All our tenancies are covered by a comprehensive and robust written tenancy agreement, and we will provide you with a copy.
Understanding the Law
Every Landlord needs to have a strong grasp of the Residential Tenancies Act and how it is applied. Those who don't can find it costly in terms of time and money. We are very experienced in resolving matters of tenancy law, and you can rely on us to keep our strong links with the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand and other industry bodies to ensure that we are up to date with any proposed changes, or any developments in how the law is being applied.
Collecting Rent
“A zero tolerance for rent arrears” - this sounds good in the marketing material, but this kind of statement is inflexible and impractical. The reality of our business is that things do change, and sometimes tenants are unable to pay rent. When this happens, we need to act in your best interests, not ours. Provided the circumstances have not made the tenant unwilling to pay rent, then we believe it may be better to work through the problem and allow the tenancy to continue. After all, vacancy has a cost to you. We will let you know what is going on, to make sure that you are happy with any course of action.
Property Inspections

We will actually do the property inspections we say we will do. Our Tenancy Managers complete full internal property inspections three months into each new tenancy, and then at 3, 4 or 6 monthly intervals – depending on what you want. These inspections reports are reviewed by the Property Manager, who will put themselves in your shoes and question the report to clarify or highlight the important findings. 
Arranging Repairs & Maintenance
We are able to respond to routine and emergency repairs quickly, and the benefit of a large business to you is that we enjoy discounted rates and priority service for the critical service trades. It’s up to you how much involvement you have with the maintenance of your property – from none at all, to handling all non-emergency matters yourself.
Paying your money to you (client disbursements)
We believe that we use the best technology and computer software to update, calculate and monitor rent payments; and to pay any contractors or other expenses. We also understand that you have commitments, that shouldn’t have to change to suit us. This is why we have scheduled client disbursements every business day. If you want us to pay out all monies we are holding every week on a Tuesday, then we can do it. Just tell us when and how often you want to be disbursed, and we can arrange it for you. You will get an immediate detailed statement via email, and we can post you copies as well.
What if things go wrong? – Tenancy Mediation & the Tenancy Tribunal
Some landlords pride themselves on never going to the Tenancy Tribunal. We don’t necessarily think this is a good thing. While we aim to have great relations with our tenants, when there are competing objectives, there are times when things go wrong, and unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary to fight for what is right.
We enjoy a good reputation at the Tenancy Tribunal, and you can have confidence that we will act on your behalf to ensure that your rights are protected, and enforced if required. We believe that this is part of the normal management of your property, and there are no additional charges for representing you at Mediation or Arbitration Hearings.
Tenant Guarantees
As another way of reducing your risk – and separate from any insurance policies you may have - if a tenancy ends, and the tenant owes money, then we provide a service which guarantees to immediately settle the proven debt to you in full. The terms and conditions of this service are defined in the Property Management Agreement.
Our Guarantee to you
Our Property Management Agreement confirms our commitment to quality service by offering a money-back Customer Service Guarantee which pledges to pay you a fee equal to one months management fees if you believe we have failed to meet any of the agreed standards in that month.