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There are inconveniences in renting a home. One of them is that we will inspect the property while you are living there.

We do three different types of inspections:

  1. Initial Check-in Inspection: these are completed by the Tenancy Manager early in your tenancy to ensure that everything is working and in order.
  2. Routine Tenancy Inspections: these are completed by the Tenancy Manager on a regular basis during your tenancy. The property is inspected approximately three months after the commencement of the tenancy, and thereafter regularly as per the property owner’s instructions. We do these inspections to ensure that you are complying with the terms of the tenancy agreement, and also to find, check and assess any items of maintenance that may be needed.
  3. Bond Inspections: these are completed by the Property Manager once keys have been returned, and possession has been returned to the Landlord – and described in more detail in the Bond section.

How will you know that we are inspecting?

For Routine inspections, we will post you a letter advising you of the date and time of the scheduled property inspection. It will be sent at least 4 days prior to the inspection so that you have 48 hours advance notice of the inspection.

What do you need to do?

It is not necessary for you to be present at these inspections, as we will use the spare keys held in this office to gain entry to the property. If you are unable to be present, and would like to draw any matters to the attention of our Tenancy Manager, please do so prior to inspection, so that they may be given particular attention.

When we inspect the property we do need to check inside ovens, and also to open the cupboards under any sinks or basins (kitchen/bathroom/laundry) to check for any leaks from these waste pipes, and the hot water cylinder cupboard – so you may wish to check these areas before the inspection, and temporarily clear any clutter or any items which you may be uncomfortable with us either seeing, or moving, to check for leaks.

While we are not specifically inspecting housework, you do need to keep the inside reasonably clean and tidy, and it makes our job easier if the floor is clear. We also need to inspect every room in the house, so we would ask that you ensure that all bedrooms and the bathrooms are accessible at the time of the inspection.

There are some common problem areas when we inspect properties, and we would specifically ask that as you prepare for the inspection you know that we will be checking the top of the stove cooktop/hobb and rangehood (if applicable) in the kitchen; checking for signs of mildew and/or mould in the wet areas (bathrooms, showers, toilets and laundry) and window sills; and also checking the condition of the gardens.

Then what happens?

If you are not home for the inspection, we will leave a card to let you know we have been.

We will also write to you to confirm the outcome of the inspection, and to inform you about what action we will be taking for any items of maintenance, or any recommendations to improve the property.

If there are matters which you need to do, then it may be enough for you to fix them and to discuss it with the tenancy Manager, or we may make another appointment to visit and make sure that the things have been done.