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Moving Out

Ending Your Tenancy

Your tenancy can end in one of 5 ways:

  1. If you have a periodic tenancy, then you can give notice to end your tenancy. You must give a minimum of 21 days notice, and it must be in writing and delivered to our office.
  2. If you have a periodic tenancy, we might issue you with notice to terminate the tenancy. This is called a Notice to Quit, and will give you either 42 days or 90 days notice, depending on the circumstances. If this happens, then the Notice will give you more information;
  3. The tenancy might be terminated by the Tenancy Tribunal for some breach of the tenancy agreement;
  4. Your fixed-term tenancy runs until the end date on the tenancy agreement; or
  5. You have sought to break your tenancy, or other circumstances mean that all parties have agreed in writing to end the tenancy before the expiry date.

Breaking Your Fixed-term Tenancy

If you want to move from the property before the expiry of the fixed-term, then you should advise our office in writing that you are looking for replacement tenants to sign a tenancy agreement for the balance of the fixed-term.

It is your responsibility to find suitable tenants to rent the property, however our office, or another such agent, can assist in this matter. We can advertise the property for you on a number of websites, and in the newspaper, for a small fee.

Any replacement tenants must complete all the necessary application forms and must be approved by our office before the tenancy terms are agreed.

What You Need to Do Before You Leave

Prior to you moving out, we will post you a letter confirming the end of your tenancy. We will include an End of Tenancy Checklist: 18 Things To Do to get your Bond back - CLICK HERE

If you are unsure about what you need to do, please call your Property Manager to discuss it, because if things are not completed as required, then we can arrange them on your behalf and claim these costs from your Bond, but they will take time, and this will delay the refund of your Bond.

What Do You Do With the Keys?

You must return all keys, security access cards, and garage remotes (if any) to the offices of Harcourts Accommodation Centre at 2 Papanui Road, Christchurch. They are due to be returned no later than 12:00pm (midday) on the days after the termination date of the tenancy, unless you have been directed otherwise in a break-tenancy situation.

It is very important that you return all the keys on time. If you don’t then you can either be held liable for extra rent until all the keys have been returned, or if immediate access is required, then the locks may be changed, and the costs claimed from your bond. If you are delayed for any reason, please call your Property Manager as soon as possible.

Once we have the keys, we will complete a final inspection of the property to check that the items on the  End of Tenancy Checklist: 18 Things To Do to get your Bond back - CLICK HERE have been done. Provided you have given us a daytime contact telephone number, we will let you know the outcome of the Inspection.

If some matters still need to be done, then we will arrange for them to be completed and claim the costs from the Bond. If any matters fall into dispute, then a claim will be made to the Tenancy Tribunal for a decision on who is responsible, and how the Bond should be repaid.