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Paying Rent

Paying Rent

Paying Rent

Your Tenancy Agreement specifically states that rent is to be paid in advance at all times. To make sure that you comply with your tenancy agreement, and have a clean tenancy record, it is very important that you pay rent when it is due.

When is the first rent due?

It is standard for unfurnished properties that you will have paid one weeks rent at the commencement of your tenancy and a refundable Bond of three weeks rent. This pays the rent for the first 7 days of your tenancy. You may pay weekly, fortnightly, or calendar monthly but, whichever period you choose, rent must be paid in advance.Your first payment will be due 7 days after your tenancy begins.

If the tenancy begins on a weekend, your rent is due on the Friday night – so that it shows on the bank statement we receive on a Monday.

Paying rent electronically

Our bank account number is written on the Tenancy Agreement. We will also give you an Automatic Payment Authority form when you sign your tenancy agreements with all our bank details printed on it.

So that any deposits you make into our bank account can be identified and credited to your rent, please use all three payee fields for all electronic payments. They have 12 characters each.

Paying rent manually with a Rent Book

If you want to pay rent manually, then we can give you a special rent Book to that you can deposit rent directly into our bank account. The rent book has our bank account details on it, and contains a series of butts to act as your receipt. These books are also pre-coded with a unique 6 digit number with immediately identifies any deposits you make as being from you.

You can then use this Rent Book to pay rent at any branch of Westpac. It is ideal for people whose income may vary from week to week. If you do not use this deposit book then we will have no way of identifying that it was you who paid rent.

Emergency payments to the Office in exceptional circumstances

Apart from initial tenancy monies, we do not accept rent payments at our office unless there are exceptional circumstances. If you are required to make an urgent or emergency rent payment, please call your Property Manager to make arrangements for this to be accepted.

Financial Problems

If your rent is paid on time, then our relationship should be a good one. Sometimes, though there are unexpected things which make paying rent on time difficult. If you know you will have difficulty making a payment on the due date, please contact our office as soon as possible to discuss the options available to you. A better outcome is likely if there is good, open communication - and if you call us to resolve the situation, rather than us having to call you.

If your rent is not paid in advance, then you are in breach of your Tenancy Agreement. Such breach, if not remedied within ten working days of written notice will be referred to the Tenancy Tribunal under section 56 of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986, who may either make an enforceable Monetary Order, or terminate the tenancy.

Rental Queries and Statements

If you have any queries regarding your rent, or rental dates, please contact the office as soon as your query or concern is noted. We can print and email you a rental Tenant Ledger at any time. This shows all rents received for your tenancy.