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Repairs & Maintenance

Repairs & Maintenace

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If you cause or discover any damage to the premises, or if you notice the need for any repairs, then you have a responsibility to tell us about is as soon as possible.

There are two types of repairs and maintenance:

  1. those that are urgent repairs and which would cause significant damage to the property if they are not fixed immediately; and
  2. those things that are routine maintenance items.

Urgent or Emergency Repairs

These items include, but are not limited to: burst water pipes, overflowing drains, burnt out and smoking electrical points, or strong smells around the main power switchboard. It also includes alarm faults (going off constantly) and repairing damage caused by a burglary which has been reported to the Police (locks, windows etc).

For these types of repairs you need to telephone us immediately. Your first call will be to the Tenancy Manager or Property Manager assigned for your tenancy. If you cannot speak with them personally, please do not leave a voicemail message, but instead telephone call our main number (03 377 0400) and tell us that you have an emergency repair.

After-hours Emergency repairs
Our phones are answered by Signature Security Systems whenever our office is closed. If you have an emergency situation, please phone our main office number (03 377 0400), and our answer-service will transfer your call to one of our staff who can authorise and arrange emergency repairs.

Routine Maintenance Items

We would ask that you put ALL requests for repairs and maintenance to the property in writing. You can either fill in one of the forms we gave you in your New Tenancy Information folder at the beginning of your tenancy,

What things are tenants responsible for?

  • Blocked drains – unless caused by tree roots or a collapsed drain.
  • Clearing of kitchen insinkerators – most often avoided by running plenty of water down before, during and after their use to flush through any chopped waste.
  • Pest control - unless it can be shown to be a pre-existing problem.
  • Replacement of all windows broken or cracked during the term of the tenancy - unless it is caused by falling trees, or the result of a burglary or burglary attempt (and you have a supporting written police report).
  • Any damage done to the property during the course of the tenancy (even if it is accidental).
  • Call out of a Tradesperson for a false alarm - please note: If all or part of the electric range in the property is not working at the commencement of the tenancy, please reset the "Automatic Mode". This is the instance in 99% of cases. If a tradesperson is required to reset this for you, and there is no fault with the range, you will be responsible for the account.
  • Replacement of lightbulbs.
  • Replacement of plugs for baths, basins, sinks and waste disposal units, when initially provided.
  • Changing the locks if you lose the keys we provide you for any reason – even if they are stolen.
  • Professional cleaning of carpets - staining of the carpets is NOT considered to be wear and tear. If you spill something on the carpets, please call a professional carpet cleaner. If you attempt to clean the spill with the wrong product you may cause further damage to the carpet, and be responsible for the cost of replacement.

What are the Landlord’s responsibilities?

It is our role as Property Manager, and Landlord, to ensure that the Property Owner keeps the property in reasonable condition - to ensure that repairs and maintenance are done promptly and to a good standard; and to make periodic recommendations to improve the condition of the property.

Some repairs are able to be arranged immediately without reference to the property owner. Others will require discussion, but we will attempt to get necessary and approved routine maintenance be carried out in a reasonable amount of time. After-hours callouts incur extra charges, and so routine maintenance matters will be deferred until the next working day, provided it is reasonable to do so.