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About usIt is our goal to make owning and renting an investment property easy, so our clients have more time to do what they enjoy.

A small office on the Carlton Corner opened in 1990 without any customers. From day one, our focus was on building a residential property management business to be proud of. Today, we include a team with over 100 years’ combined experience, all who share a passion for helping people and strive to provide a proactive client-focused service. We actively look after more than 1,200 rental properties and have negotiated more than 1,500 tenancies in the last year alone.

We believe property owners and tenants value someone who is prepared to do what is right, rather than what is easy. Ours is a very human business. Sometimes we have to balance the competing objectives of Property Owners and Tenants and when we do, we believe it is what you stand for that makes the difference. We have to be brave enough, and confident in our work, to tell people the way it is. We aren't a company that takes short-cuts, and we don't operate on the fringes of the law. We want all of our clients to be confident in us and proud that we represent them.

What makes us different to other Property Managers in Christchurch?

What makes us different to other property management companies

When you consider paying to have your property managed, not only do you need to be happy with the people who will be performing the service, you need to know what the service actually is. Property management is a very broad term, and everybody does things differently.

So, what makes us different to other property management companies out there?

The work still gets done
We have a large and highly experienced team and each client has a dedicated Property Manager and Tenancy Manager team managing their property.

Get your money when you want
We pay out rent to our clients every working day of the year, so tell us when you want your money and we will pay it to you then.

Everyone should provide a customer service guarantee BUT in case things go wrong we also provide a Tenant Debt Guarantee.

Peace of mind
All rent is held in a separate Trust Account that is independently audited.

Experience & knowledge
We negotiate more than 1,500 tenancies every year. We will ask you what is most important for you in a tenant, and then with our knowledge and experience, we can secure the best terms possible.

24/7 emergency contact
If a tenant has an emergency at
3am in the morning, we have someone available to answer calls and contractors who will take action on what needs to be done.

Check out how we can help you manage your property so you can have more time to do what you enjoy! 


Our achievements

Our achievements