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5 Advertising tips to rent your property quicker to quality tenants

5 Advertising tips to rent your property quicker to quality tenants

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1. Target your ideal tenant

Different amenities appeal to different people. Think about who your ideal tenant would be and what they would value in your neighbourhood. Try to find key points that will resonate with them and include them within your description. For example, is your property in an ideal school zone? Is your property close to a workplace e.g. hospital or university? Is your property surrounded by popular eateries? Is your property located down a quiet street? We could probably generalise that a family after a certain school for their children, will be more focused on your property being close to a school rather than popular eateries.  Keep in mind that you’re not narrowing down who you’ll rent to, you’re just fleshing out the ideal tenant.

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2. Detail your adverts – features vs benefits

Include as much information about your property as you can. A bit of time spent on detailing your advert, in the beginning, will save you time down the track. By including plenty of detail, only tenants with real interest will contact you as you will be weeding out those people who are on the fence. Tenants will most likely ask fewer questions at viewings as they would have been answered in the advert. Another way to detail your adverts is to discuss the benefits rather than features. Features of your property are valuable, but they aren’t what make people want to rent your property. It’s the benefits that come as a result. For example, your property might be down a driveway, including a study, heat pump and large windows. The benefits are privacy and additional space, a heat pump provides comfort year round and large windows allow for plenty of natural sunlight and warmth. You will probably find the detail and value you have provided will draw people in.

3. Images

Good quality images help your property stand out from the rest and attract better quality tenants. Currently, there are 1269 properties advertised for rent in Christchurch on Trademe. The first thing people will notice are the images and you only have a short time to capture their interest. Aim to take the images when the sun is out shining. Take your time to capture the benefits of living at your property rather than images of a wall. Take the images landscape. Landscape images fill the space on Trademe compared to images taken in portrait, allowing you to showcase more of your property. If the budget allows it, get professional images, or even a video tour. A video receives 403% more enquiries than one with just images.

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4. Make it look good

A lot of time is spent making your property look good on the advert to entice interest. First impressions are critical. From our experience, potential tenants like to scope out the property and do a ‘drive-by’ before contacting us for a viewing. Make sure the exterior reflects your property to its true potential. Quite often this involves a garden tidy, mowing the lawns and cleaning the paths, gutters and outside paintwork.

5. Advertise, advertise, advertise

There are so many mediums for advertising your property. Increased exposure will result in increased interest. The likes of Trademe, RentEzi, Facebook marketplace are just to name a few. Within Trademe, you can boost adverts to make them stand out even more and appear top in the search results. But, it doesn’t have to be limited to just the internet. Try a ‘for rent’ sign, it’s a great way to advertise to potential tenants who are familiar to the area or desire to be in the area. Additionally, if your current tenant is moving out, ask if they know anyone who’s currently looking. If they were a quality tenant, chances are their referral will be of similar quality.

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