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Ideal tenant rental references

Ideal tenant rental references

Tenant references

Applying for a rental property can feel intimidating. Most property management companies do ask for a lot of information, including personal details, proof of income and a rental reference. A rental reference is considered an approval from people who know you in a variety of relationships. Think of the people in your life who have seen the best of you in terms of what is needed to be a good tenant, such as personal and financial responsibility, professionalism and accountability. These people can range from current co-workers, previous employers, or former landlords.


Ideally, you would want to include a past landlord as your rental reference who can discuss the positives of your tenancy with them. Also, ensure to choose people who know you well, but try to avoid family members and close friends. They are not the best to use as rental references as they can appear to be biased and not objective.


If you haven’t rented before, then you could use co-workers or employers as your rental reference. These people can inform your potential landlord what you might be like as a tenant, based on your good qualities and your ability to handle responsibilities and pressure at work.


Make sure to let whomever you ask to provide the rental reference that they may be contacted. You want them to be available and prepared. On some occasions, the person providing the rental reference can be difficult to get a hold of, and this delays the application process for you.


Why do we ask for a rental reference? Plain and simple: we want to make sure that you are a quality tenant; someone that will look after the property well; and pay their rent on time. Some companies may ask for a written reference. Others, just require a name and phone number of someone that we can call and chat to.


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