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Instagram Stories Property For Rent

Instagram Stories Property For Rent

Instagram Stories Property For Rent

Are you about to start the hunt for your next rental home? These are our top four websites we think you should use to help find your next home…


In the summertime, we see an influx of new tenants to the market, either from leaving fixed-term tenancies or those moving to the city for the new year. Whether that be as a university student or staring a new job. Finding a rental is not just a one-day wonder, it takes time, research and energy. Most people are back and forth on their devices three or four times a week, constantly searching, refreshing search histories and waiting for the next dream home to be listed for rent.


It appears tenants are now starting to look earlier too. I feel it could be because tenants are trying to avoid those high demand times in the summer months. And when demand is high, rent prices begin to slightly increase.


So, how do you bet the demand and what websites are the best to look for your next rental home?



Introducing our Instagram stories! So you can get in early, beat the rush and view your next home before most others. We post to our Instagram stories every property we advertise for rent as soon as we list it. We know how busy and competitive it can get and we know how frustrating it can be to have to visit multiple websites. This way you don’t have to do much other than just watch some Instagram stories, see a property you like and contact us. How easy is that!? Follow us @grenadieraccommodationcentre



Harcourts.co.nz of course only advertises Harcourt's properties for rent so there are fewer options. However, they have a new map feature. This allows you to instantly see where the properties are located within the city that are available and meet your criteria. Making it ideal to compare the location of properties as you don’t have to click into every individual listing to see its location.



Realestate.co.nz is where only professional companies can advertise properties for rent, so you do get that added peace of mind. It has the handy feature of being able to not only save your search history but you can receive automatic daily emails of all the latest listings that meet your criteria. So no need for the continued back and forth of your daily search.



Trademe is seen as New Zealand’s number one website to visit when trying to find your next rental home. The main reason is because of its sheer volume. Anyone from a private landlord to a professional property management company can advertise a property for rent which results in Trademe averaging over 14,000 rentals listed at any one time. The ability to save your previous search history and then filter to latest listings means you can easily see all the latest listings every time you jump on.


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