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Spring Tenant Update

Spring Tenant Update

Spring Update


We are giving away a $250 prezzie card every quarter!Win

Thank you so much to all our great tenants!

We are launching an exciting new prezzie card draw to be able to surprise one of our great tenants every quarter. Scroll down to read how you could be the lucky tenant to receive the first one. 


Working to make your home warm and dry

There has been a lot in the news recently about new housing standards for rental properties, including advertisements on the television talking about the responsibilities of landlords and tenants.  This is because the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act has now become law, and it is intended to improve the quality of many of New Zealand rental homes by introducing minimum standards to help keep homes warm and dry.

The Healthy Homes Standards set minimum requirements for heating, insulation and ventilation, for stopping moisture getting into the home, for stopping draughts and for making sure there is proper drainage to take waste water away. For many properties, nothing will need to be done at all, but for some there may be a lot of work to do. Thankfully, we don’t think we manage many of those!

There has been a little confusion because some people think the new standards apply already, but they do not come into effect until sometime between 1 July 2021 and 1 July 2024, depending on the tenancy.

Yes, that is a long time away, but the time will go quickly. The first step is to work out what, if anything, needs to be done in each property – and to get the ball rolling we have engaged one of our trusted contractors to start assessing the properties we manage, and to prepare us a report on what the owner of the property may need to do. We have recommended to all our property owners that we should do this, but it will take several months for us to work through the process.  

Your Tenancy Manager will be in touch when our contractor is ready to schedule an assessment at the property you rent from us, and they will explain the process more fully.



With warmer weather and spring rain, gardens and lawns grow quickly. Remember, it's your responsibility to maintain your property's grounds to a tidy standard (unless agreed otherwise). If you don't have green thumbs you could arrange for a local gardening service to do it for you. If the gutters are blocked or any overgrown trees/shrubs are too close to the property that require trimming, please let your tenancy manager know. 


New tenancy season is fast approaching

Summer is typically when most of our tenancy agreements come up for negotiation. You may start to receive contact from your Property Manager to discuss what you would like to do. If your tenancy is due to end in December, January or February, now is a good time to start thinking about if you would like another tenancy or if you want to move to a new home. If you have decided to move out at the end of your tenancy, please do let us know so we can begin the process of finding new tenants. If you would like some help with finding your new home, please contact our Letting Team on 03 377 0400.


If you know anyone who you think we can help, then we would love to do it. 

Do you know someone with an investment property? Or, do you own one yourself? We want to help those with investment properties achieve their goals, find ideal tenants, and make things easy.  If you know of someone who you think we can help, please let us know.
We would love to recognise any successful referral. Contact Rosa Ellis - our Head of Business Growth on rosa@assetmanagers.co.nz - to find out how! 




A $250 prezzie card for being a great tenant!

Every month, each of our Property Management Teams will select 5 great tenants from their portfolio to be entered into our quarterly prize draw. Our first draw will be for the three months of October, November and December, and it will be drawn on 20 December 2019 - just in time for Christmas.  We will announce the winner in the Summer Tenant Update. We are looking forward to surprising our winners over the coming years!


Any questions? Contact your Tenancy Manager Tenancy Manager

Alexandra Lindsay: P 0274 838 134   E alex@assetmanagers.co.nz

Grace Rose: P 0274 838 127 E grace@assetmanagers.co.nz

Morgan Marlowe: P 0274 838 110 E morgan@assetmanagers.co.nz

Ruth McEvoy: P 0274 838 150 E ruth@assetmanagers.co.nz

Sophie Stuart: P 0274 838 120 E sophie@assetmanagers.co.nz



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