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Summer Tenant Update

Summer Tenant Update

Happy new year!


We hope you all had a very happy New Year's break!

Summer tenant winner

On our last day of work for 2019, we randomly selected a winner from our draw of nominated great tenants...



Congratulations Emily


We are giving away a $250 prezzie card every quarter!

Thank you so much to all our great tenants! I loved seeing all the nominations roll in each month from each of our Property Management Teams. It has been so rewarding to acknowledge those tenants and we can’t wait to keep surprising more in the coming months!!


Some Helpful Tips…

BeachAir conditioners/heat pumps

 Over time, the heat pump filter will become blocked with dust. This will result in the heat pump having to work harder, meaning it will not heat or cool your home as well, and that it will cost more to run. Depending on where you live, the general rule is to clean the heat pump filters every 6-8 weeks. If a manual has been supplied, follow the instructions on how to clean the filters. Otherwise, you should first switch the appliance off with your remote. You can open the front panel by pressing the small tabs on each end of the heat pump, and then slide out the filters. You can clean the filters by vacuuming with a brush or wiping with a damp cloth. Ensure the filters are dry before placing them back in the unit.





With high temperatures encouraging all of us to keep our windows and doors open, in hope for a lovely cool breeze, it is important not to leave the security of your home low on your priority list. Before you head out on a day adventure or go to bed, remember to do a quick run through the home to ensure all windows and doors have been closed and locked.


Storage solutions

Storage ottomans offer an extra surface for sitting and hidden spots to keep items that would otherwise be in the way. There are several affordable stores such as Kmart, Warehouse, Freedom, Briscoes and many online retailers who have on offer hollow ottomans and benches in every shape and colour you can imagine for under $200. Benches often have racks underneath for shoes and look great in entry ways and offer seating so you can take off or put on footwear with ease. Books, toys, remotes, throws and more can be concealed and be out of sight. There are even hollow coffee tables where you can hide heaps of these things from guests about to make a last-minute visit.

Summer tenant update


If you know anyone who you think we can help, then we would love to do it. 

Do you know someone with an investment property? Or, do you own one yourself? We want to help those with investment properties achieve their goals, find ideal tenants, and make things easy.  If you know of someone who you think we can help, please let us know.

We would love to recognise any successful referral. Contact Rosa Ellis - our Head of Business Growth on rosa@assetmanagers.co.nz - to find out how! 


Any questions? Contact your Tenancy Manager Tenancy Manager

Alexandra Lindsay: P 0274 838 134   E alex@assetmanagers.co.nz


Grace Rose: P 0274 838 127 E grace@assetmanagers.co.nz


Morgan Marlowe: P 0274 838 110 E morgan@assetmanagers.co.nz


Ruth McEvoy: P 0274 838 150 E ruth@assetmanagers.co.nz


Sophie Stuart: P 0274 838 120 E sophie@assetmanagers.co.nz


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