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The positive impact of insulation

The positive impact of insulation


With drizzle and only a high of 12 predicted for the upcoming week, I am certain some tenants breathed a sigh of relief that the insulation deadline for rental properties is here. A well-insulated home is warmer, healthier and more pleasant for our tenants.


It wasn’t so much of a mad rush to July 1st for us, but a bit of a juggling act.

Insulation contractors had extremely tight timeframes and insulation supplies were starting to dwindle – with some contractors unable to secure product.

We tried to make the insulation contractors life as simple as possible by meeting them at the properties to ensure there was access, paying their invoices immediately when they were received so that our clients went to the top of the list. While we have made it past this deadline, and start to focus on the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act Standards, it is important to take a moment and touch on the positive impact insulation has had on the properties we manage.

Warm home

We have received some fantastic feedback from tenants post their insulation install. One tenant, in particular, noted how long it use to take them to heat their home to a comfortable level. Each cold evening they would sit rugged up in their living room looking like they were about to go skiing at Mt Hutt. More often than not, taking themselves to bed at 7 pm to stay warm. Now their home has been fully insulated, they turn the heat pump on and within 15 minutes they are in a room which is comfortable and warm. An added bonus is their energy bill is now less expensive than the same time last year. They mentioned that in previous tenancies it was typically around this time of year when they thought about moving out of their rental. For the fundamental reason, it was just too cold, damp and they were bothered by the number of days there were sick. They now have no desire to move out, which is terrific news for not just tenants but property owners and property managers.

For most property management companies, trying to find tenants for a property in the middle of a cold and dark winter is difficult. Those properties with little or no insulation proved difficult to rent and I can completely understand why. Here in Christchurch, we have a surplus of modern properties built post-earthquake. The majority of them are fully insulated, double glazed and include a fixed heating source. Now that all the properties which can be insulated are, it has evened the playing field a little. The benefits of insulation definitely outweigh the initial cost to install it, and I hope to continue to hear more success stories from tenants.


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