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As an owner of a rental property, what is important to you?

As an owner of a rental property, what is important to you?

We are here to help you. Not everyone has the same goal when it comes to having a property managed. We will ask you what is important to you when it comes to having your property managed, and then with our knowledge and experience, we can secure the best terms possible. 

So, what is important to you?

Tenants paying rent

In the last five years 99.7% of our tenants paid their rent on time

"A zero tolerance for rent arrears” - this sounds good in the marketing material, but we feel this kind of statement is inflexible and impractical. The reality is that things do change, and sometimes tenants are unable to pay rent. When this happens,  we need to act in your best interests, not ours. Provided the circumstances have not made the tenant unwilling to pay rent, then we believe it may be better to work through the problem and allow the tenancy to continue. After all, vacancy has a cost to you. We will let you know what is going on, to make sure that you are happy with any course of action.

Renting your property

In the last five years 99.1% of our properties have been tenanted

Our goal is to secure you a quality tenant who will pay the best rent on the most favourable terms, in the quickest time. The following help us achieve that.

Numbers Game - We completed more than 1,500 tenancy agreements in the last year, so we get to see a lot of potential tenants.

Dedicated Letting Team - Experience, gut instinct, and thorough reference and identity checking allow us to select the best tenant for your property.

Exposure - On four major websites, your property will be advertised at the best time of day for optimal exposure plus ‘For Rent’ signs used to attract passing traffic.

Convenience - Potential tenants like convenience, the easier it is for them to view a property the more likely they will. Through our viewing tracker software we can arrange viewings with potential tenants at the click of a button.

Timing - Enquiry is at its peak in the first 48 hours of a property being advertised. With the knowledge that comes from over 20 years’ experience, our Business Development Team can ensure your property is priced right from day one. 

Tenants taking care of your property

Service has been professional and pleasant

Reducing the risk of tenant damage starts at the very beginning with getting the right tenant. All potential tenants complete a detailed application and our dedicated Letting Team then conduct thorough checks on all applicants.

From here, it comes down to thorough and detailed inspections to ensure your property is well cared for and allows for us to have the opportunity to take prompt action if required. Prior to the tenants moving in, we complete a comprehensive property condition report and take photos of both the interior and exterior. We conduct regular three monthly inspections and provide you with a written report including images. When the tenant vacates we will complete an exit inspection to ensure your property is left reasonably clean and tidy and the tenant has done everything they are legally required to do.

To ensure that any small maintenance doesn’t become more serious and costly, we will arrange for any repairs as required by our qualified contractors. We will get in contact with you, but in emergency situations this just may not be possible. We will notify you as soon as possible to discuss what has happened, and the plan moving forward.

As another way of reducing your risk – and separate from any insurance policies you may have - if a tenancy ends, and the tenant owes money, then we provide a service which guarantees to immediately settle the proven debt to you. The terms and conditions of this service are defined in the Property Management Agreement.


The constant and friendly contact

Some people believe property management is about property… We believe it is about managing the relationships between the people who own those assets and the people who live in them. We understand that some people prefer different modes of communication so we will work to suit your preference.

Ours is a very human business. Sometimes we have to balance the competing objectives of property owners and tenants and, when we do, we believe that it is experience and what you stand for that makes the difference. The bottom line is that for every decision that is made, can we look you in the eye and tell you that if we were in your shoes, then this is what we would do?

If we can consistently and successfully transfer these core values, then we can feel we can earn and keep your respect.  As professionals in our industry, we cannot just tell you what you want to hear. We have to be brave enough, and confident enough in our work, that we can tell you like it is.

We believe property owners and tenants’ value someone prepared to do what is right, rather than what is easy. While we have proven and trusted systems in place; rigorous audit procedures; and fast and reliable information management; it is the people who count.

If something goes wrong

We would love to be the silver bullet that eliminates every possible property management problem - sometimes things just go wrong, and unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary to fight for what is right.

Some landlords pride themselves on never going to the Tenancy Tribunal. We don't necessarily think this is a good thing.

We enjoy a good reputation at the Tenancy Tribunal, and you can have confidence that we will act on your behalf to ensure that your rights are protected, and enforced if required.

Although we can't eliminate all the risks, we can reduce them.