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TenantsNot sure what you are looking for, and need some free advice…

If you are not quite sure what it is you are searching for, and want to discuss rental options, we welcome you to come into our office and have a chat with our experienced Letting Agents. Our Letting Agents can sit down with you and talk about what is available and what might be suitable.

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Tenancy Services - information on tenancy, bond and unit title matters.

Tenancy Protection Association - Christchurch 
In addition to promoting Tenant issues and interests in a variety of forums, the Tenants Protection Association (TPA) provides excellent advice and advocacy services for tenants who need assistance in dealing with their landlord, or the Department of Building and Housing. If you have a tenancy problem which you feel that you cannot discuss with us directly, and you do not want to involve a government agency, then the TPA may be able to help.

Maintenance request

Maintenance request

If you require maintenance on your rental property, please contact your Tenancy Manager directly or fill in a maintenance request form below.

If it is an emergency, please phone us; and if it is outside of office hours please call the main office number 377 0400. Our answer service will transfer your call to one of our team who can arrange an emergency repair. An emergency repair is where you have burst water pipes, a serious leak, overflowing drains, a serious electrical fault, or things which otherwise compromise the security of the property.

Maintenance request