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Jen Neil

Jen Neil

Top Property Manager

Passionate and focused to succeed in her career, Jen is a respected and valued colleague who believes teamwork is at the heart of any great achievement. Together with our knowledgeable team, she has been able to successfully manage over 240 properties in a thriving rental market.

Jen credits her success to her desire for efficiency by troubleshooting quickly, not sweating the small stuff and being proactive. A background in the criminal justice sector has enabled Jen to adapt well to an industry where attention to detail and navigating complex situations are of utmost importance. Having lived and worked in various countries she has flourished in understanding different cultures and creating relationships with different groups in society. Jen believes key aspects of her role are to understand the needs of tenants, to create an impeccable rental experience for everyone involved and to be well informed with the recent compliance and policy changes within the industry.

Recent testimonials are a credit to her unwavering loyalty and dedication – “Jen has been awesome in very trying circumstances” Alan. “It makes all the difference when you have a Property Manager that actually cares and makes an effort” Glenn.

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