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Selina Ding | 丁籽匀

Selina Ding

I am Selina Ding, the one who always dedicates my passion and energy into my work and life. I am always convinced that a positive and genuine attitude leads to good results. I have over ten years of sales management experience, working in overseas companies in Shanghai, building and promoting the effective communication between Chinese clients and overseas companies.

I completed my Master of Business Management at Canterbury of University in 2018. I believe this further education will add more guidance and value in my upcoming career. I am very excited to join the Harcourts Grenadier Accommodation Centre to continuously engage in business development, and bring my knowledge, experience and excellent communication skills to exceed property owners’ expectations with our outstanding property management service.

Your property will be my priority. My passion and patience allow me to give you all the suggestions needed to secure your rental benefits in your investment property. Should you have any enquiry about your investment property being managed, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


我是丁籽匀,我是一个喜欢将热情和精力带入工作和生活的人。我坚信持有积极、真诚的态度会带来正面的结果 。我拥有超过十年多的销售管理经验,在上海的外资公司工作,如何建立和促进中国客户与洋人公司之间的有效沟通是我最重要的工作之一。

我于2018年在坎特伯雷大学完成了商业管理硕士学位。我相信学业上的进修能给予我未来职业上更多的指引和价值。我非常兴奋能加入哈考特Grenadier租赁管理部, 可以继续从事擅长的业务发展的工作,把我的专业知识, 经验和出色的沟通能力结合出色优质的房产管理服务来满足并超越屋主们的需求。





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