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Steven Loveridge BCom (VPM)

Steven Loveridge

Steve has over 15 years’ experience in the rental property market in Christchurch. His knowledge of the rental market has been invaluable to property investors and property owners who need to rent out their family home. Being realistic, truthful and a good listener, Steve always puts the client first and keeps them updated no matter what the situation.

Steve has a Bachelor of Commerce (Valuation and Property Management) Degree which he has found very useful when it comes to completing rental assessments as well as advising on and resolving property management matters.

He is passionate about property investment and is a property investor himself. Take the time to give Steve a call to discuss the future with your rental properties.

Think Long Term and Set Goals

Property goals

People rent their own home for different reasons. It may be they are moving to another city for employment or it could be that they are heading away on a glorious overseas trip for six months. Instead of having their own home sitting empty, they decide to rent to some tenants. For many others, it is an investment strategy. They purchase one or more rental properties to provide a nest egg when they retire or to provide another income stream. I have read interesting articles recently from successful investors and they all discuss similar advice and strategies. The one they consistently drilled in was to think long term and set goals. The residential property market will always have a cycle and the rental market is the same. Too many investors sell their properties too early and expect to receive returns within a couple of years. This may ring bells to our younger investors who are very much about the ‘want it now” attitude. If you invest well, you won’t be worried about what the property markets are doing or what everyone else is interested in, you can just stick firmly to your path. Your goals should include a budget and indications that you can get good long term returns. I highly recommend getting help from professionals regarding your rental property purchase or portfolio. Whether it be from lawyers, valuers, builders and of cause a property management team. These people specialise in their fields and can also offer so much experience. I like this next advice and it would be great if we could all stick to it, “spend what is left after saving, not save what is left after spending”. We are all attracted to buying things that don’t increase in value! With the end of the year fast approaching it’s good to remember that residential investors are in it for a reason and if you make good decisions, ride through the markets and get good advice the outcome will financially be a good one. I am happy to answer any questions about the Christchurch rental market that you may have. Steve.



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